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StreetClassifieds Singapore

My Article December 2, 2014

Singapore Free Classifieds StreetClassifieds

Find everything on fingertips – online…

free classified singapore

StreetClassifieds is a Singapore Free Classifieds Ads listing portal, You can Buy, Sell and trade of products, services and lessons around your neighborhood. Do not have to look through the news paper or yellow page to get what you are looking for. With our free classifieds services you can save tons of times. Say good bye to traditional calssifieds and say hi to StreetClassifieds.

StreetClassifieds Making its appearance only in 2014, StreetClassifieds has grown rapidly to become a leading classifieds portal trusted by many. We are on the way to provide more services portals to our users, example( Job classified, property classifieds and car classifieds… and many more), this will happen really soon in the coming future,

We are tend targeting to provide a safe , user-friendly and powerful platforms, safe: a scam free platforms. User-friendly: a system simple and easy to use , you will get your listing up within 5mins for normal seller. powerful: thousands listed products and services, and most importantly, its free!

Conceptualized as a consumer-to-consumer marketplace, StreetClassifieds is a comprehensive database of merchants and up-to-date business listings in Singapore. Helmed by a dedicated team, StreetClassifieds is constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing needs and wants of consumers.

Bringing online shopping to a new dimension, StreetClassifieds has seamlessly integrated PayPal and eNets into its portal to provide consumers with a more enhanced browsing experience, backed by its extensive range of offerings.

If you have any issues with our services kindly contact us : Link

Meanwhile if you are interested in partnership we our website kindly contact us:Link

We hope you enjoy our services, if there is any suggestions improvement of our services, we will happy to hear from you. have a Good day!!

StreetClassifieds Singapore Free Classifieds
StreetClassifieds Singapore Free Classifieds

free classified singapore

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Four Fast Selling Products to Sell at a Flea Market

My Article October 7, 2014

Vendors are always searching for hot products to sell at a flea market. Many start by hauling their own junk to the market for some extra money. Once the flea market bug bites, sellers have to find other types of merchandise that will make good money.

While the selection of different types of products is virtually endless, there are some hot choices that stand the test of time.


Flea markets take place outdoors, and the most people shop on sunny days. Not only are sunglasses a popular type of merchandise, they are great impulse buys for people who forgot their shades at home. If you want to profit with sunglasses, you should offer both expensive designer styles and inexpensive generic ones. That way, you target all demographics of shoppers.

Cheap Toys

Many parents give their kids a dollar or two to spend on whatever they want at the flea market. Dollar toys, or those under five dollars at the very most, are quick selling products to sell at a flea market. Kids are the ultimate impulse shoppers and you can easily convince them to buy with a friendly word and a smile.

Pet Products

People in the United States spend billions of dollars on their pets each year. This includes everything from food and medicines to toys, beds, clothing, and leashes and collars. Selling pet products at the flea market makes good business sense. Not only are they popular products to sell at a flea market, competition is usually low. Never sell medications, however. Keep it safe and fun.

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Used Clothing

When searching for products to sell at a flea market, you should consider used goods. While some people shy away from buying used clothing, the average flea market shopper is looking for a bargain. If you have good quality, clean and undamaged used clothing to sell, you can earn a lot at the flea market. Any type of merchandise you want to sell at the market should be readily available and cheap to attain. Used clothing fills both requirements. You can easily sell it in large quantities if you keep the prices down.

These products to sell at the flea market are eye-catching, useful, and inexpensive enough to entice many shoppers. While competition may be steep, getting a good wholesale price and concentrating on quantity sales over high profits will lead to success.


Source by Melanie L. Marten

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How to Make a Full Time Income Selling Second Hand Clothes Online

My Article October 7, 2014


Many people crave the ability to work from home, but have absolutely no idea where to start.

Some people already know that they want to sell some sort of product online, but then they are stuck with the next questions of what do I sell, and how do I source it?

The simplest and easiest solution is Second Hand Clothing. Honestly, think about it, there is an absolute mine field of Second Hand Clothing everywhere.

It can be found within your own home, at recycled clothing stores, at thrift stores, at Op Shops, at garage sales, at auctions and online just to name a few, and you can start by selling your clothes, your partners clothes, your children’s clothes, and other family members clothes without having to spend a dime on starting your own business.

Many people don’t see the potential in Second hand clothing, because they think of it as faded drabby bits of clothing with big rips up the side. I can assure you that these people are missing out on huge potential.

There are a vast amount of second hand stores that sell BRAND NEW and Top Quality garments.

You can walk into a store and find brand new clothing that has been donated from high end label stores, or seasonal clothing that didn’t sell, as well as consumer pieces that have only been worn once or twice for a special occasion, at a fraction of the price. If you resell these particular items the potential profits are huge, because for the standard consumer, the option to purchase a well sought after item at a reduced price is very appealing especially when they are unable to purchase the item at the full price.

Other than reselling well sought after labels, don’t forget that you can also resell garments that are made of specific materials like wool, angora, cashmere, silk and pure cotton. These are very good sellers especially to international customers who find it difficult to obtain clothing in this particular fabric.

So now that you know what to sell, where can you sell it? eBay

The reason for this is because eBay boasts over 94 Million users worldwide. It is known as the worlds largest online market place. From eBay, you can sit at home and sell your clothing on a worldwide level with its own targeted traffic.

In essence putting Second Hand Clothing and eBay together allows you to start your own online business without incurring too much risk or cost.


Source by Michelle Haku

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Five Ways to Increase Small Business Cash Flow

My Article October 7, 2014


The positive amount of cash flow is critical to run a small business efficiently. The cash flow must be positive, it constitutes the difference between  the cash in and the cash out. The business profit builds up only if the amount of cash in is greater than the amount of cash out. When the difference is negative, the business struggles, and in order to get cash to survive it will require credit, at an expensive price, the interest. Thus, to increase the business cash flow one can take immediate action with the following five ways.

Supplier Terms

Your company may use a certain number of days to get paid by its vendors. In any case your business should avoid using cash on delivery or at purchasing to pay the suppliers. If your company is at the beginning and the vendors do not accept terms, it is preferred to put in a deposit, or a credit card and negotiate terms with 30 or more days to pay back. Do not to use the credit card at every transaction because you cannot control the cash flow. The only way you can use the credit card regularly at every transaction is when the product margin is high, so that the business profit made is high enough and you do not need to worry about paying for the supplier materials when the credit card bill arrives.

In case the company has preset payment terms with the vendors, but still the cash flow is an issue, negotiate with the suppliers to pay in installments. Prearrange to pay off, but change the due date further into the future, to allow the cash to flow in. That way more cash comes in faster than it goes out, so there is business cash flow available to run your company.

Product Margins

Here are a few ways to increase your product margins: keep a continuous and valued relationship with your suppliers so that they give you value-added products for the same price. When a vendor terminates a product line and you cannot get that product, look at the distribution channels who will give you both cheaper products and value and then your product costs run comparatively less than before.

Customer Terms and Average Sale

Nowadays, the best if you ask the customers to pay with credit card, in small sales, that way the cash gets into your business account in 2-3 days depending on the credit card. When the business requires terms of payment from the customer, for instance 30 days, propose to them to pay in 10 days or less for a discount or even pay on delivery for a higher discount for example 2%-5% or more.

In order to apply a comfortable discount, the product margin needs to be considerable, and consequently the amount collected per sale needs to be higher. A higher amount per sale means products or existing products bundled together sold at higher value. A greater average amount for each sale represents more cash coming in when all else remains the same: percentage of expenses, overhead and profit. It means increase of positive business cash flow.



The cost of maintaining the employees can be controlled by decreasing the employees’ overhead costs. For instance, let us assume there are seven employees working at the office and their continuous presence is not required every day at the work place. They can also work from home, the management or ownership of the company can ask them to come to the work place on certain days and the rest to perform the same activities as they would be at work, but from home.

The employees rotate on which days to come to the office. The infrastructure provided for the employees to complete the tasks at home costs considerably less than providing it at the office. It reduces the overhead costs, the management can keep five operational desks instead of seven.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate refers to how many contacted qualified leads are converted to active customers. Since the sales people work the leads to convert them to customers, for the same effort they can convert more to active customers. The resources they use are the same, but the results are different, they reflect more revenues in the balance sheet. The increase in the company revenues represents an increase in the cash coming in, and the cash flow builds up on the positive side making profit.

These straightforward ways to increase the cash in amounts can be used at any time by the management with  the employees’ support. The positive cash flow is built relatively quick because in most cases the management only needs to change a procedure and apply it right away. Then, they can check the results and the whole process spans for a few weeks. The amount of cash  flow available represents essential financial resource to maintain, build and grow the company.


Source by Cory Popescu

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Tips to Get Great Second Hand Equipment to Upgrade Computers

Uncategorized October 7, 2014


There are many people around the world today who want to get into computers and all that they offer, but just cannot afford to buy one. Although these great little gadgets have come down remarkably in price over the years they are still out of reach for some people. If this is the case, you can purchase a refurbished laptop on the market which can fill this gap. A used laptop has very little wrong with it and will certainly live up to all expectations if treated in the right fashion.

These computers often have nothing at all wrong with them and have simply been sent back to the shop because of unusual reasons. Maybe the person was buying it as a purchase and then found that they could no longer keep up the payments or perhaps the customer merely changed their minds about owning one. In either case, the machine is absolutely one hundred per cent working but because it was out of the shop for some time it has to be classed as second hand.

Although these computers can be seen working and prove that there is nothing wrong with them, people still have second thoughts about whether to buy them or not. However, those who have no hang ups in this department will surely be able to pick up a bargain or two along the way. It may be wise though to ask for them to be serviced before taking them out of the shop to make sure that nothing will go wrong with them.

With the current economic downturn in the world, many people find themselves with an ever shrinking budget. But they still need this kind of equipment to study or work. Even people who want to upgrade from their current computer to something faster will be able to take advantage of this kind of machine. For example, the Pentium range is a prime example of how people could upgrade with a second hand machine until they got the one that suited them.

Also, those people who have a desktop computer in the office or home may want a second machine which they can carry with them. This enables them to keep on working even when they are out of the office but particularly when they have some dead hours in airports and the like. This is also an ideal time to go for a second hand computer since it is really only a back up of the main system.

There are also those people who just must have the latest innovations as they come out, hence the queues whenever leading manufacturer’s market new models, there will always be a surfeit of second hand machines on offer. However, since most of them have been little used, this is a great way to get all of the family their own set up so that they can become familiar with new technology. Better still, this means that any older machines get used for much longer which must be absolutely environmentally friendly for sure.


Source by Connor R Sullivan

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How to Sell Used Laptops

My Article October 1, 2014


Laptop computers have become so popular these days it seems that very few people still have a clumsy, space-consuming desktop system in their homes or office spaces. New laptops are more lightweight and smaller than ever, making them even more portable and convenient to take on-the-go and just about anywhere. The latest models can easily fit in a bookbag, purse or backpack and are so light that you will barely even notice the bit of extra weight. A laptop computer is the perfect solution for the hectic on-the-go schedules that most of us lead these days; we need a computer that goes with us and that we can rely on.

The only problem is, we all know too well that laptops unfortunately don’t last forever. In fact, most consumers find that after a few years of working life, they end up buying a new model for faster and improved performance, or just simply out of necessity as their old laptop decided to give up one day. But don’t despair, you have options when you are ready to buy a new model or are just looking for someone to take your failing laptop off your hands. Your best bet is to find a company that specifically caters to consumers looking to sell used laptops.

Of course, it is a good idea to do a bit of research before you join the crowds of people who decide to sell used laptops as a way of recovering a bit of their initial investment after their old model bites the dust. Some people venture to sell used laptops on sites such as eBay and Craigslist, but there can be potential headaches and problems associated with putting an item up for sale on these sites. One is dealing with taking payments from strangers and trusting that everything will work out smoothly. Another potential pitfall is ensuring that you will get a fair price. No one will be looking out for you when you decide to become a seller on these types of websites, so you had better be prepared to set your price and stay firm. Another drawback to making the choice to sell used laptops online, is the fact that you might be stuck with taking care of all the shipping costs and responsibilities. When it comes to delicate items such as laptops, it’s better to not have to deal with the hassle of shipping them yourself.

If you decide to sell used laptops, it really just makes more sense to go with an experienced company that can take care of all the details and make the process hassle-free for you. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that you will be getting a fair price for your laptop and that you will receive your payment in a secure and timely manner. Most companies will also provide you with the shipping materials, so you don’t even have to concern yourself with finding the proper packing materials or waiting in line at the post office.

The bottom line is that if you find yourself among those who have decided to sell used laptops, you can really benefit by doing your research and finding an experienced company that can make the process virtually hassle-free and simpler than you ever thought possible. Not only can you make back a bit of your investment and enjoy some extra cash in your pocket, but you can do so knowing that you are getting a fair price for your old model and start dreaming about that new laptop you always wanted.


Source by Tom Lasky

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Make Money Online With Classified Ads!

My Article October 1, 2014


A very unique way to start making money online is utilizing the Classifieds. If you can learn to properly use them you can start earning an income in your first day. The trick to getting your ad online is the keyword density. You want to place your main keyword in the Title, your first paragraph, then sprinkle them throughout your ad and finally at the end when you do your extreme advertising.

Classifieds are fun and easy and can become very lucrative for you if your ad is done properly. There are many free classifieds Advertising platform available but I suggest you use the paid ones they give the best results. In my experiences with classifieds I have made a lot more money online utilizing the paid classifieds. This is not a hard process to learn if you implement the techniques that I have laid out for you in this article.

To find classifieds all you have to do is go to the search engine you use and type in the word; “Classifieds to Promote Ads on.” You will be given a large list to choose from. Try to find the ones that are search engine friendly. This is how you accomplish this. Go to each classified site and read their advertising section it will give you clues about how good of an ad section they are and where they rank with the major search engines.

When you find the classified Ads you think you might be able to make money with then go sign up and begin placing an innumerable amount of ads from various affiliate offers such as ClickBank, Community Junction and any other affiliate Program you may be affiliated with. Remember the more ads you place in these classified section the better chance at making money online you will have. Click Here and sign up for the premium ads. It is very important that you get the premium ads because these ads get better results and get ranked faster than the free ones.


Source by Ernie Lee

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Buying Used Cell Phones

My Article October 1, 2014


Buying used cell phones is an excellent way to save money.

Here are a few ways you are saving money by purchasing a used cell phone:

You are not renewing your contract. This allows you to switch carriers at any time without paying an early termination fee. This fee can be hundreds of dollars.
You are not paying retail price on a cell phone. Many new phones can be over $500 at retail price.
Buying a used phone is often cheaper than paying for insurance depending on the type of cell phone you need.
Instead of purchasing insurance and paying a deductible to replace your lost or broken phone, use the money saved to buy a used phone.

There are many places on the internet where you can purchase used phones. Here are some tips to find a good merchant to buy from, and avoid learning an expensive lesson.

Make sure you read the merchants description of the cell phone. Some phones may be in different cosmetic conditions or have other defects.

Make sure to pick a merchant who has a guarantee the phone will be fully functioning.
If your carrier is Alltel, Sprint, US Cellular, or Verizon, make sure the merchant guarantees the serial number is good.
If your carrier is AT&T or T-Mobile you do not have to worry about whether or not the phone has a good serial number, just insert your SIM card and the phone will work.
Always use a credit card or PayPal when purchasing a phone online. If there is a problem with the phone, and the merchant is not holding up their end of the agreement, you can file a chargeback and get your money back.
Check the merchants return policy. Make sure to notify the merchant of any problems with the phone before the return policy is over.
Be wary of purchasing phones on craigslist from individuals. There are many legitimate people selling on craigslist but there are many unscrupulous individuals out there who have broken their phone and will sell it to unsuspecting buyers.


Source by Garrett Burke

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Purchase Second Hand Mobiles Through Classifieds

My Article October 1, 2014


Purchasing second hand mobile through classified is quite easy process. There are many reasons to buy the second hand mobile:

• People purchase the second-hand mobile in order to flaunt a good brand by purchasing it at low price.

• Everyone can’t afford a fresh and costly handset. They purchase a second hand mobile for quality and style.

• Purchasers get a very good deal for used-mobile. There are some people who sell their mobile by using it for few days only. These phones are true value providers to users.

People get a good deal at low cost. Used-mobiles don’t sell for more than half the price, until very special in style and maintenance. Only brand-new phones sell at good price.

Classified ads are selling all kinds of used mobiles – Spice dual sim mobile, Samsung, Nokia and so on. These mobiles are launched recently so they have good back-up in terms of performances and prices. All the second hand mobiles are available at very affordable prices and also as per the condition of the handset. People purchase the handset with ease and without any third party interventions.

A good second hand phone is one which gives true value for money. Mobiles selling through classifieds sell directly to customers and hence they have genuine prices.

Method of purchase:

• Log on to internet connection

• Select the search engine

• Place your request for good classified-ad site.

• Search for used-mobile phone in mobiles category in your location.

The ad-site has different handsets like dual sim phones, etc. A person can look for Micromax mobile at right price. The Micromax mobile price is not very low as these are introduced, recently. But since the brand-new phones are also low in value so the second hand Micromax mobile are quite handy and affordable for everyone.

Classified ads are short and crisp but full on all the information. Therefore, these mobiles are considered as best and can be purchased by internet users. The internet users are always looking for a good deal in mobile phones. Classified ads provide the best used mobiles at optimum prices. Get one for you today.


Source by Meena Singh Shah

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Buy Products Cheap and Sell for Profits

My Article October 1, 2014


Many people are catching onto this increasingly popular business. You simply buy items for very little and sell them for what they are really worth, thereby making a profit. For example, you visit a thrift store and find a perfectly fine pair of shoes that are trendy and beautiful. You take them home, clean them up, take a nice picture of them, and sell them online for $40.00. And you only paid $4.00 for them! That’s a $36.00 net profit.

Where to Find Cheap Items:

1. Local thrift stores and shops

2. eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, and other online auction web sites

3. Yard and garage sales

4. Outlet stores

5. Get on the outlet store mailing lists to get instantly notified when there’s a sale!

What to Look For:

You need to search out products that are sell able- something people will want to buy. Something that they will see as a bargain even though you are making a nice profit! The items could be a variety of things. It’s only limited by your imagination. You could find clothing, shoes, toys, entertainment items, books, games, and more. The list is endless. You want to find very inexpensive items that don’t have any wear and tear (or very little), nothing missing (unless you can properly fix it), and nothing broken. You might even find furniture, washers, dryers, and other large items that will bring in more cash.

Where to Sell These Items:

You need to run ads online to sell your items. I say online, because there are many web sites where you can place ads for free. Some, however, will charge a fee, such as eBay. Amazon is great because they only charge you a fee if you sell the item. eBay charges you no matter what.

Here are some places to begin placing ads:

1. Penny Saver

2. Craig’s List

3. eBay

4. Amazon

5. Yahoo

Start shopping and selling today! You could really turn this into so much more by marketing your business as well!

For even more marketing –

You will need some snappy business cards and flyers ready. Scatter them around your local stores where people will see them. You could also have brochures that list all of your classes, what they are all about, and the fees associated with them. Vistaprint has some free marketing materials for first time customers at ://.vistaprint

A web site could be a great marketing tool for you as well. Get the word out by talking to other people interested in used products in various forums. Create a newsletter about what you do that anyone could sign up for. Make sure you make it clear on your website that the information you offer is for beginners, or those learning. Those are the people you want there, because those could turn into your customers. You could also create online classes where you send lessons to your students via email on a regular basis, and offer one-on-one help via email and/or phone. You could teach them how to do what you do! There are many possibilities for profits when teaching meditation classes. Brainstorm, and figure out which way of teaching would be best for you and your students!


Source by Nicole Allard

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Buying a Second Hand Chanel Bag Online

My Article October 1, 2014


Second hand bags are a lot in fashion these days. More and more number of people are buying these bags regularly, because they feel that it is a great way to enjoy a dual benefit – of saving money and also getting a designer bag. Hence, looking at the demand, it is common to see many websites these days that are in the business of selling second hand bags online. The most preferred and common brand among all the second hand bags is that of Chanel.

The demand for Chanel second hand bags particularly seems quite natural actually. Chanel happens to be a brand which is loved by many women around the globe, and the kind of bags that it creates is unique and stylish. However, they come at a high cost too, and hence, are quite expensive. Thus, it is natural for women to buy second hand versions of these bags when they feel that they cannot afford a new one.

There are some websites which are specifically dedicated to the Chanel brand itself. You will notice that these websites sell other products as well from Chanel, including jewellery and other accessories. Images are uploaded by the sellers so that the buyer can judge the condition of the item, and then decide whether to buy it or not. Some websites also give direct interaction between the seller and the buyer, so that they can discuss the details in detail. All these websites do, is serve as a platform for sellers and buyers to interact.

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Then there are other kinds of websites as well where the sellers sell their bags to the website office. The people from the website then sell off their second hand stock at prices which includes their minimal profit. It is almost like sourcing the bags from different sellers, and then selling them via the website to new owners. The websites in such cases do the shipping worldwide.

There are of course many other kinds of websites too. Some even take a small transaction fee if the sale and purchase happens through the website. But it is more or less on the buyer to decide which website is good and worth the cost, keeping in mind the price of the product, shipping charges, transaction fee, and other charges if any. The same applies to discounts and deals well. Different websites have different offers, but the buyer needs to decide what is best for her.


Source by Annieth Wollery

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How to Create Immediate Cash Flow In Your Business In 5 Easy Steps!

My Article October 1, 2014


1) A customer database. If you do not have a database of your past and present clients – you are throwing your money out the door each and every month you are in business. You MUST collect names, address, phone, fax, email, purchase history of every person who buys from you, expresses interest in what you do, refers people to you, and used to buy from you but doesn’t anymore.

Any time you want to increase your cash flow you can contact those people and have cash in your hands within days – even hours.

I use ACT – but Excel or any spreadsheet will do. Collect names, address, phone, etc – everything you have on them. If you have names on paper – hire someone to convert them or do it yourself while watching TV.

2) The number 2 thing you need is a list of other businesses that sell to your same market. First, you need to know who your perfect client is (work, income, hobbies, live, clubs, etc). Then you need to find out what else and who else they buy from.

Contact those business owners with a proposal. If they recommend you to their clients and you recommend them to yours – you would like to split the profits that are generated.

Make the offer special – one they cannot get anywhere else (special price, guarantee, bonuses, payment terms, education, etc). Explain to them that this was so outstanding that you knew they would want to know about it.

NOTE: make sure the products you are recommending are top quality and the company behind the products delivers and guarantees.

I know people that do this every other week to their clients – the clients love it – and so does the business owners bank account.

3) You must have a computer and a website! In this day and age – consider it a necessity for marketing a business. The internet can make your job much easier and will help you increase your cash flow. But, this can be intimidating and very costly if you over complicate things. People want help, solutions and answers to their deepest needs and wants.

And that doesn’t need to cost you much. A web site name – $8.95 An inexpensive place to put your web site – $5.95 a month and inexpensive web design for $500 or less.

4) People want to buy packages, bundles, unique things. They don’t want to buy a product – they want something special. If you don’t have enough products and services to bundle together – buy complimentary products and bundle them; books, CD’s, special services. Make holiday packages – back to school specials – you name it you can bundle it. When you make a package unique – you eliminate competition because no one else has a package like yours.

Send out a heartfelt letter to go with it – and watch what happens. If you put your personality into that letter – your customers will love you for it and will respond in kind.

5) The message you send to your clients is critical. It is the make or break point on all your marketing success and failure. Yet less than 5% of companies I talk to put much thought into this. They copy what their competitors are doing and word it like their competitors word it. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

When you master the power of words in communicating with your customers – they will actually look forward to hearing and seeing your next promotion. They will tell their friends about the awesome stuff you are doing. They will get personal with you and feel like you are a good friend. And they will buy almost anything you ask them to buy.

One of the best ways is to imagine your perfect client as a best friend. In your mind, picture sitting down with them next to a fire, over a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Imagine them absolutely fascinated with what your company is doing and what new products and services you have to offer them. What would you say to them to get their attention? To hold their interest? To get them passionate about buying more from you? What could you say to them that would get them to take action and give you their credit card right then and there while sitting at the fire?

Now put that on paper! Even easier – record the “chat” you would have with your friend. Have someone transcribe that chat, turn it into a personal letter – and start sending it out to your clients.

The personal feel to it will be a welcome relief compared to all the corporate speak junk they see from your competitors – and all other companies they buy from in an average year.

You will soon see how cash flow can be a problem you USED to have – yet need never worry about again. If you ever need help getting started, the Marketing Results Mentor program may be exactly what you need.


Source by Troy White

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Buy Used Laptops – What You Should Consider Before Getting One

My Article October 1, 2014


When you buy used laptops, you don’t know what you are getting into. It’s like buying a second hand car, you have no idea where it’s been.

Therefore, the best thing for you to do if you completely decide to buy used laptops is to go to a store or an online site that sells you laptops that will function in the way you want these to function and allow you to do the work that you want done.

It’s natural to have a series of questions when you buy used laptops. You don’t know the history that comes with the gadget and there are glitches that only the first owner knows how to remedy.

Therefore, it’s best that you know the basic steps on how to provide the solution to the common problems customers who buy used laptops often encounter.

One example is the automatic locking up of the computer and the power switch not working. Laptops do this automatically and the first owner can easily recommend this by just inputting the password.

But this is not the case for the second owner. If you are the second owner, what you can do is to reset the system simultaneously by pressing the gray button beside the power switch and the display button that is located on the side of the laptop.

That is not always the case because these buttons are located on different parts of the laptop depending on the model so we suggest that you know which buttons to press first.

Another concern of people who buy used laptops is that they cannot decrease the size of the border which displays the default resolution. There are some users who prefer it to be smaller while there are others who prefer it to be bigger.

It really depends on the preference of the user. The problem is that the second owner might not have the right access to do this properly. What he can do is check the Windows version.

If it is Windows XP or earlier, then he can click anywhere on the desktop, choose properties form the Menu, and then select Settings. From there, he can easily adjust to the resolution that he wants.

But what pisses most people who buy used laptops of the most is the troubleshooting problems they incur the first time they try to use their brand new second hand laptop.

Troubleshooting can be such a problem but this is the risk they have to take for settling for a second hand laptop.


Source by Ricky Lim

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    [ad_1] Buying used cell phones is an excellent way to save money. Here are a few ways you are saving money by purchasing a used cell phone: You are not renewing your contract. This allows you to switch carriers at any time without paying an early termination fee. This fee can be hundreds of dollars. […]

  • How to Sell Used Laptops

    by on October 1, 2014 - 0 Comments

    [ad_1] Laptop computers have become so popular these days it seems that very few people still have a clumsy, space-consuming desktop system in their homes or office spaces. New laptops are more lightweight and smaller than ever, making them even more portable and convenient to take on-the-go and just about anywhere. The latest models can […]

  • Local Classifieds - Online Advertising

    by on September 28, 2014 - 0 Comments

    [ad_1] An easy way in getting through online business is made possible through free local classifieds and free local ads. These local ads are posted in a site to attract clients and customers. Long before, local classifieds are just simply being printed in the newspapers, for the same reason of making business and as well […]

  • Successful Tips For Buying A Second Hand Cell Phone

    by on September 25, 2014 - 0 Comments

    [ad_1] If you have plenty of extra money in your pocket, you can buy anything you like. However, it’s wise to know that so many brand new cell phones or hardly used phones are cheaply thrown out or stolen and resold to a second hand store. Sometimes you should know that buying a second hand […]

  • Purchase Second Hand Mobiles Through Classifieds

    by on October 1, 2014 - 0 Comments

    [ad_1] Purchasing second hand mobile through classified is quite easy process. There are many reasons to buy the second hand mobile: • People purchase the second-hand mobile in order to flaunt a good brand by purchasing it at low price. • Everyone can’t afford a fresh and costly handset. They purchase a second hand mobile […]

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